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Why is the All Season Solar Cooker the Best Solar Cooker?


The image above shows the full range of adjustment for the All Season Solar Cooker (ASSC).  Coordinated adjustable reflectors contibute to the  All Season Solar Cooker performance and ability to perfectly capture the sunlight from dawn until dusk.  Only the All Season Solar Cooker has this unique capability.   Uniquely ours. Now make it yours!

More cooking for your money

The All Season Solar Cooker is the only design that will allow you to cook, powerfully, from sunup to sundown

Tremendous durability

Your cooker is built using nearly indestructible materials including fluted polypropylene and outdoor rated reflective vinyl


There are several commercial models and hundreds of DIY designs for solar cookers.  Which one is best?

Use the crieriea on this page to evaluate the features of any solar cooker.
Hint: Only the All Season Solar Cooker provides dawn to dusk cooking in a lighweight, compact, portable package

Collection is the means by which sunlight is directed at a target. Solar cookers will use from zero to several reflectors to direct the sunlight to the target. Generally speaking, the more reflectors, the greater the concentration of light and the greater temperature potential.

Absorption is the means of capturing the reflected light energy and changing it to heat energy. Dark, dull surfaces absorb the most light. Shiny light colored surfaces absorb the least light. All solar cookers will have a means of absorption. The best means of absorption is a dark colored cooking pot. Since our food is in the pot, this is where we want the absorption to occur.

Retention is the means of keeping our newly created heat where we want it. Oven doors, oven wall insulation, cooking bags and other enclosure types such as clear bowls all serve to form a barrier between the ambient air and the cooking pot. The means of retention will speed cooking in every type of cooker. Lack of a means of retention will slow cooking in every type of cooker.

Duration is the length of time that a particular solar cooker design is capable of capturing the sun. Some solar cooker designs have a static focus and can only perfectly capture the sun for a brief period. Although they can cook over longer periods, peak performance is limited to one particular solar elevation.  Solar cookers that have a tilting mechanism have a greater range of focus. Typically they can focus on a solar elevation of 35º up to 90º. This range of focus provides 110º of focal range (out of a possible 180º of focal range). Solar cookers that have a coordinated, articulating reflector array such as parabolic cookers and the All Season Solar Cooker have the greatest duration. The All Season Solar Cooker and many parabolic cookers that have an adequate range of focus can perfectly capture the sun from 0º to 90º. These cookers have 180º focal range, the maximum possible and can work at the highest potential level of performance any time of the day.

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