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How the All Season Solar Cooker Works

Focal range video

This 24 second video shows the most important feature of the All Season Solar Cooker – its ability to focus on the sun from sunup until sundown. The importance of this feature cannot be over emphasized. Collecting sunlight as soon as it is available and continuing so for the entire day greatly increases your solar cooking potential.   This feature is UNIQUE to the All Season Solar Cooker.  No other design boasts this full range of solar focus. None.

Although the sunlight is not as powerful during early morning and late afternoon, capturing this light will more than DOUBLE your cooking potential.


First Position

First position of the All Season Solar Cooker. Notice that the reflector panels are in their lowest position. When set as shown, the All Season Solar Cooker will capture the first morning sunlight. This same position is used at the end of the day, to extract energy from the last rays of the sun.



Second Position

Here is the All Season Solar Cooker in the all the way up position.  Notice that the floor of the cooker has changed (The short wall, which was at the top rear in the first photo, is now at the lower front.) The All Season Solar Cooker has been flipped into its second position. It is interesting to note that the reflectors have not been adjusted at all. The first position and second position are the same, the cooker has just been flipped 90º onto its second base. These two photos demonstrate the full adjustment range of the All Season Solar Cooker. It can accurately focus on the sun at solar elevations from 0º to 90º. No other panel cooker can make that claim


First Position Range of Adjustment

This picture shows the full range of adjustment for the First Position. The ASSC boasts a COORDINATED ARTICULATING reflector array (unique amongst solar cookers) The array is composed of an upper reflector group, a lower reflector group, and side reflector panels. The upper and lower group are connected using an “elevation bar” which holds the two groups at a specific angle to each other. . When one group is moved, the other group moves equally as the elevation bar brings it along.  When one group is placed in solar focus, the other group is also in solar focus. There is never any guess work, all panels move together in a coordinated fashion that ensures that when one reflector group is focused, they all are focused. In this  “first position” the ASSC can focus on a solar elevation of 0º – when the sun is first rising, all the way up to 50º.  I use the “first position” every morning throughout the year and all day every day in the winter months.



Second Position Range of Adjustment

This image shows the full range of adjustment for the second position. This is the same range of adjustment as was shown in first position, however the ASSC has been flipped 90º onto its alternate cooking floor. In the “second position”, the ASSC can focus on a solar elevation of 40º to 90º. This is the position that I use when the solar elevation is above 40º. I use this position mid day in spring, summer and fall but never in the winter because the sun does not get above 40º elevation in the winter months.



Focusing Your Solar Cooker

The ASSC uses a “Sun Sight” to determine proper solar focus. A simple block and pin assembly, the Sun Sight is attached to either the lower reflector group or the upper reflector group. The operator simply turns the ASSC towards the sun then raises or lowers the coordinated reflector groups until the Sun Sight shadow disappears. When that occurs, the ASSC is in optimal solar focus. For a demonstration of how the Sun Sight works please go the the videos tab.


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