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All Season Solar Cooker Performance


This chart shows the suns power in Ramona, California, on the shortest and longest days of the year.  The graph shows that the winter sun is less intense (note the lower curve) and is not available for as many hours.

“Optimal” cooking hours of 10am to 2pm, yield 3507 units in summer, and 3351 units in winter.

BUT – The All Season Solar Cooker is capable of operating outside the “optimal” range, yielding 9622 units (almost 3x as much) in summer, and 6721 units (almost 2x as much) in winter.


The duration feature, unique to the All Season Solar Cooker, will deliver 3 times as much product in summer, and 2 times as much product in winter.

The shaded area is where most solar cooking devices work.  Look at all the wasted energy!

The All Season Solar Cooker is able to take advantage of non-peak cooking hours, thereby providing significantly more cooking time – even in winter.


This chart shows the value of the sun during each hour, compared to the value of the sun during the peak hour(s).  In summer, the 7am sun provides 64% of the value of the high noon sun.  At 5pm, we are still getting sunlight that is 76% as powerful as the high noon sun.

With the All Season Solar Cooker, you can take advantage of this slightly diminished, yet powerful sunlight, that is not possible with other solar cookers!

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