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Solar Cooking Tips

13 pound turkey!

The All Season Solar Cooker easily bakes a turkey. This was done around Thankksgiving holidays Рlate fall, short days, low sun. Yet the All Season Solar Cooker was able to thouroughly cook the meal. 21 minutes per pound.

Solar Cooking Tips

Don’t fill your pot to the top
Foods cook more quickly when the pot is 1/2 to 2/3 full. Why? The ratio of pot surface area to food volume is greater in a partially filled pot. In a reflector type cooker, it is the pot that does the cooking. That is why the pot must be dark.

Always create a cooking chamber
The All Season Solar Cooker is a reflector. To use it in cooking you must have a dark colored pot or pan. You must surround that pot or pan with a cooking chamber. The cooking chamber may be the recommended glass bowls, cooking bags, or other enclosures as seen in the video on the left.

For long cooking foods – start early
As you advance as a solar cook… try longer cooking foods such as beans, or stews. Take advantage of the All Season Solar Cooker’s unique feature of early cooking. Dry beans are a fun challenge. Start early – as soon as the sun is available. Start small (2 cups beans, 5 cups water) and learn how your cooker works in your area.

Be careful of snow!
The only time I have burned food was when cooking in snow. The snow reflects extra light into the All Season Solar Cooker. Your cooking will be faster and hotter.

Using the food thermometer
Follow the instructions. The tip of thermometer should be in the thickest part of the food and away from any bones. If in doubt, cook longer. Since all my solar cooking is done in covered pots, I let the temperature of food go far past the “safe minimum” temps. The food is always moist, never dry, and longer cooking really helps to tenderize tougher cuts.

Well Done
On a grill or cooked uncovered in a conventional oven, “well done” used to mean  tough and dry.
When cooking in the All Season Solar Cooker, “well done” means more tender than any other doneness, moist and with the same delicious flavor all the way through the cut.


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