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The All Season Solar Cooker "Camper" is the ONLY solar cooker that is designed to capture the sun ALL DAY LONG. Most solar cookers are optimized to collect the sun just 4 hours a day. This cooker will capture the sun up to 12 hours a day. Cook 3 times the food!

The All Season Solar Cooker (ASSC) folds up small and transports light, perfect for campers and anyone with limited fuel, weight, and space concerns. All necessary hardware is provided.

Use the ASSC to:

- Cook breakfast, lunch and dinner

- Dry firewood, shoes and gear

- Heat dishwater or shower water

- Use almost any pot you currently own (fits most cookware)

- Cook from dawn to dusk, whenever the sun is available 

- Candle making - no danger of setting your wax ablaze

- Salt production - quickly evaporate fresh or salt water

- Cooking where fires are prohibited

- Dehydrate Vegetables

- Dry jerky -  beef, fish, poultry

- Virtually and application where flameless heat or cooking is desired

Cooking with Sunshine has never been easier. 

Made in USA
The All Season Solar Cooker is constructed using 4mm corrugated polypropylene. A 2mil outdoor rated reflective polyester film is pressure laminated to the polypropylene. The laminated sheet is then precision die cut, folded and packed. 
Included in the kit are 2 restaurant grade
reusable cooking bags and a rack that will hold two pots or one turkey roaster.

Anytime, anywhere as long as the sun is shining.


* Worldwide, millions of children die due to unsafe water. The All Season Solar Cooker Camper makes water safe through pastuerization. The ASSC Camper will pasteurize more water than any other design.