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Prepping for wind

Prepping for wind. Most solar cookers suffer in the wind. The stronger the wind, the greater they suffer. Let me start by stating that I have been cooking with the ASSC for over 15 years and have never modified it for wind, other than to make sure there is a heavy potful of food inside. That being said, one user, Churro, has made a very worthwhile suggestion: "5.0 out of 5 stars Great product- made a slight improvement January 29, 2019 Length: 17.00Verified Purchase I am fairly experienced with home made panel cookers, The assembly instructions were clear enough, especially after watching the video on youtube. The instructions mention breaking it in to achieve the proper shape. I found a nic

One pot cooking

Just started using this single large pot for cooking . Its called the Can Cooker. I got the junior model. Painted it flat black with my favorite non-toxic-when-dry 99 cent spray from WallyWorld. I like that the top fastens down so the pot can be lifted from above. Works really well with the cooking bags. #bloggingtips #WixBlog

High demand for the ASSC CAMPER

I think, but do not know, that the current coronavirus awareness has sparked sales of the All Season Solar Cooker Camper model. Demand is so high that I expect to run out of inventory on Amazon soon. If Amazon is out, you can order the Original ASSC. The original, which was sold for several years has a 12 x 12 cooking area, vs. the Camper model's 12 x 17 cooking area. The Original ASSC is constructed of the same durable 4mm corrugated polypropylene and includes the world famous Sunsight. The original is covered with pure aluminum or reflectorized polyester film. Both work very well. To obtain the Origninal ASSC, please visit PayPal and submit payment to my email: Price i

SOLD OUT! More on the way

Currently sold out of the ASSC Camper on Amazon. More will be available on Amazon in a few days. Please be patient

Soapstone pot and Wonderbag

Heat absorption and retention is super important in solar cooking. Thermal mass = the temperature and the weight of the food and the pot. Thermal mass is an important consideration for slow cooking foods like stews. Last week I used a very heavy pot (soapstone) which was heated in the All Season Solar Cooker Camper for an hour before the food was placed inside. 3 large stuffed bell peppers at refrigerator temperature. 90 minutes later, I removed one pepper for lunch. The other two peppers, still insise the soapstone pot, were placed in the Wonderbag. 5 hours later the remaining two peppers were served. They were more tender than the earlier one. The pot was still too hot to touch. The pepper

Anytime, anywhere as long as the sun is shining.


* Worldwide, millions of children die due to unsafe water. The All Season Solar Cooker Camper makes water safe through pastuerization. The ASSC Camper will pasteurize more water than any other design.