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It just makes sense

If you have a finite fuel supply that can be used any time and any weather and an infinite fuel supply that can be used in sunny conditions... You can make your finite fuel supply last much much longer if you take advantage of the infinite fuel supply when it is available. Solar cooking is the least costly means of cooking, dehydrating, securing safe water. Prepared? Be better prepared by adding solar cooking devices to your survival equipment. Then start using solar on a daily basis.

Find it on eBay

Just starting listing an open box option on eBay. These are all perfect condition, new, some may have been assembled. Personally inspected by Jim, and backed by a 30 day return policy. Search for the All Season Solar Cooker. Supply is limited.

Anytime, anywhere as long as the sun is shining.


* Worldwide, millions of children die due to unsafe water. The All Season Solar Cooker Camper makes water safe through pastuerization. The ASSC Camper will pasteurize more water than any other design.