Life Sustaining*  Lightweight. Durable. Fast.
A premier solar cooker made in the USA, for use whenever the sun shines.

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Folds for storage. Collapses to 17" by 14" by 3". Ties on or fits in a back pack.

The All Season Solar Cooker Camper will easily hold two pots, multiple jars or even a large turkey roaster

Campers and RVers: The All Season Solar Cooker stores easily under a bunk, under a dinette cushion, in the back of a closet. Out of sight until you need it. 48" by 14" by 1". Will not impact your storage space!

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* Worldwide, millions of children die due to unsafe water. The All Season Solar Cooker Camper makes water safe through pastuerization. The ASSC Camper will pasteurize more water than any other design.