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Windy Weather

March is just a week away. The windy month. The ASSC works well in wind, better than most. However, it can work even better in wind - especially very strong wind, by adding this modification:

Use 4 clips - clothespins, spring clips for paper, bag clips, whatever...

Place the clips on the 4 inside corners of the upper and lower reflectors.

Attach the upper and lower clips with string. I use a bowline and one end and a sliding barrel knot at the other.

Tighten the string until the leading edge of the upper reflector is 28" from the leading edge of the lower reflector.

This will give added stability, especially from strong winds hitting the cooker from the sides.

The weight of. your cooking pot and food should hold the cooker in place, if not, add rocks or, as I do, a 12" by 12" by 1/2" stone tile.

If you use the tile, cover it with foil.

Happy windy cooking!

Anytime, anywhere as long as the sun is shining.


* Worldwide, millions of children die due to unsafe water. The All Season Solar Cooker Camper makes water safe through pastuerization. The ASSC Camper will pasteurize more water than any other design.